Situated at the foot of Jablanica Mountain, just 15 km from Ohrid Lake is located Vevcani -a symbol of dignity, defiance, natural beauty and cultural and historical values.

This place created by God, a heavenly peace of land where numerous angels from heaven often descend to rest.

Many times throughout history, this, once a small village, and now an independent municipality, many uninvited villains have tried to conquer, but it never succumbed to any pressure, on the contrary, it even became stronger surviving through the centuries.

Vevcanci (the People of Vevcani), the way they were created by God, have always been, and continue to this day, to be the guardians and protectors of their rich culture, tradition and customs.

They established the first library with reading room in 1935, the first theatrical representation in Macedonian in the following 1936, established the folklore society in 1947, developed masonry culture through the skillful and far known Vevcani masons, who had worked for many years in the construction of world famous buildings, churches and monasteries in their own village, and finally, a witness to its continuous life and traditions, the Vevcani Carnival,- the oldest and most authentic carnival in the Balkans.

Who once came to this earthly paradise, became a friend of Vevcani, or, if proved in good intentions, has acquired the status of citizen of Vevcani for which he/ she has received a passport as a sign of warm welcome and stay in its expanse.

Vevcani, at some point, is a republic with its own crest, flag, anthem, passport, banknote, and all types of institutions necessary for a state.

At which point Vevcani is a state only the People of Vevchani know, and if you`re curious, you are warmly welcome, we will personally explain that to you, and for your stay, the doors of our high quality hotels, private accommodation, restaurants will hearthily welcome you, since the development of tourism is a major commitment in this municipality.

To breathe the fresh mountain air from the air bath at 950 km. altitude, drink the clear spring water from the widely known Vevcani springs, eat ecologically healthy and natural foods grown on the Vevcani fields and mountains, hike along the mountain slopes of Jablanica - quite a rarity.

The whole settlement is a rarity, rarity are the residents themselves, and rarity are the people who come from Vevcani, such as Mihajlo Pupin – the world-famous scientist, Stojan Razmoski -the secular academic painter, Vera - the world-famous Hollywood actress ....

A health center with 100 employees, private construction companies, agricultural and cattle- raising cooperatives, textile factory, post office, school, cultural center among others, are objects which provide a modern, cultural and independent Vevcani life.

Still, there is much more down here, and much more to be said about this place and beauty, yet, out of fear not to be taken as braggarts, here we will finish the story, only to continue when you come and visit us to personally witness it.

Well, dear friends, curious visitors to this web site, Thank you for visiting and please excuse us for not honoring you with a glass of “vevcanska rakija” (brandy) or “Vevchansko vino” (wine), but we will surely do that in Vevcani, we promise you and we expect you!