President of CAA "Drimkol"

Mr. Tosho Chochoroski

The PERSONAL DATA of Tosho Chochoroski confirm that he was born in Vevcani, Macedonia, in 1978. He is married and father of two daughters. His contacts are: e – mail  t.cocoroski@hotmail.com, tel. number +389 75 / 226-185

He finishes primary eeducation in Vevcani, secondary he completes at the School of Tourism and Catering - in Ohrid and graduated from the Faculty of Tourism and Catering in Ohrid. Simultaneously, he enrolled the Pedagogical Faculty, and acquired qualification for teaching. In 2016, he acquires his master`s degree at the Faculty of Tourism and Catering in Ohrid, in the field of Catering Management, and obtains the title Master of Science. He continues his education at the same Faculty enrolling a third cycle - doctoral studies.

He starts his professional career at the company of Inex Drim Struga AD, the following positions:
- Receptionist (1998-2004)
- Manager of Animations and Conferences (2004 - 2006)
- Manager of food and beverage (2006 - 2009)
2009,  continued his professional career for the Company  Inex Hotel "Sileks", DOOEL Kratovo as a:
- general manager (2009 -)
Selflessly, he engages in activities that are in a direct function for the development of the tourism industry in Macedonia, through operating in certain institutions, organizations, projects such as:
- Coordinator of the State gastro competitions in R.M (2006 and 2007)
- member of the Supervisory Board (2015 -)
2. Chamber of Tourism
- member of U.O. and the Head of the hotels and restaurants (2007-2009)
- member of U.O. (2013-2015)
3. Municipality of Vevcani
- Assistant to the Mayor in Tourism and Culture (2004 - 2013)
4. Association ,, Vevchani Info Turist ,, Vevchani
- President of the Association (2010 -)
5. Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality - Ohrid
- associate in the subject: practical work (2012- 2016)
6. Austrian Embassy project: KulturKontakt
- lecturer at the seminars on topics: ways of cooperation between the secondary schools of catering and tourism industry (2010)
Tosho Chochoroski`s engagements in the field of culture are numerous and important in the creation of his own public image and contribution to society.
He operates equally well in the two artistic fields: folklore and theater.
He started from his early age, in the time when his desire for scenic paintings which he possess  through his visions, he wishes to present it to the public. As a member of the associations - cultural and artistic groups: "Drimkol" Vevcani, "Ilinden" Struga, "Oteks", Ohrid, he leaves his mark on the folk scene in Macedonia and abroad(1984-1997), and as a member of the cast of the drama theater in Struga and Ohrid National theater, he participated in theater productions and documentaries (1994-2002). Hence, the need to pass on his experiences to the youth in Vevcani, and the desire to continue the tradition in his village. The result of such activities are 5 copyright works, choreographies, inspired by the rich Vevchani  folk tradition, and 4 directed films (1997 - 2007). He realizes his engagements in the field of culture very professionally and seriously,  in a distinctive and original way. His successful management process in the field of culture, includes:
1. Project Coordinator "Vevcani, zhiv muzej" (Vevchani, a Living M useum) FIOOM and King Baudouin Foundation (1997-1999)
2. Project Coordinator "Development of Municipalities and Culture ,, Ministry of Culture of RM (1999-2002)
3. The President of the Association - CAS "Drimkol" Vevcani (2000 -)
4. Member of U.O. Ohrid Summer Festival (2007 -)
5. Founder of the Association of Culture and Art "Korinton", Kratovo (2014)

Toso Chochoroski initiates and creates not only at national level, but also internationally. As the saying goes, that tradition is what can not be invented or re-created, Toso Chochoroski uses it as a link to create close relation between the culture and tourism and the need of intersectoral connectivity, thus creating a product and placing it into  function for the sake of the economic interests of the business sector and the state in general.  Placing culture in the function of tourism and vice verse, with his help, support and initiative are created numerous activities, events and projects that were very successfully implemented and accepted and positively reviewed by the experts. The following are some of the projects directly initiated and founded by Mr. Chochoroski and are organized by:
- International promotion of the Macedonian cultural heritage and presentation of Macedonian folklore on festivals and events in Egypt (2002), Great Britain (2013), Russia (2008), France (2012), Azerbaijan (2014), Sardinia (2001), Slovenia (2010), Montenegro2011), Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.
- Initiative for re establishing the cooperation between the Ohrid Summer Festival and Dubrovnik Summer Games (2013)
- Events: Festival of folk culture "Pobrazhenje" (Transfiguration, - Vevcani (2011 -), "Ineksovo Kulturno Leto" ( Inex Cultural Summer) - Struga (2004-2007), Manifestation "Zlatni Denovi" (Golden Days),  - Kratovo (2014 -), The theater festival "Mostovi" (bridges) - Kratovo (2014 -)

1. Respect and love for his profession, and serious, honest and transparent approach to the tasks arising from the same
2. Man as the most supreme creation of God to always remain human, regardless of professional and other positions
3. Increased sense of social responsibility among individuals, according to their abilities and skills in a particular area, to enhance the collective living
Guided by these views, Toso Chochoroski manages to unite two different, but at the same time close activities, setting clear boundary between them, and always, with giving top priority in the engagements stemming from his own profession: manager of tourism and catering. In response to the same Chochoroski says: ," ... when there is love all is possible, and to be able to achieve a goal,  we need to have love and enthusiasm. I love tourism and catering  because it is a work connected with people, and it is for people, from different countries, with different habits and all the more, different requirements. To make all those people happy and satisfied it is really art. That`s who I am, manager of tourism and catering, and an artist at heart. When a man is given the chance and opportunity to reduce the stress of the profession through spiritual food such as culture and art, it truly is a boon. I thank God for that ...",