The Elders have always proudly looked at the young generation, especially, when they share the same love and passion for the same goal- spreading the culture and continuing the tradition. They proudly bend their head to be able to see them, and on their face discover themselves, the way they were a few decades ago, when confused, but also firmly resolved, for the first time, made boldly their first steps in this same Association. Proudly awaiting them to grow, and continue to nurture their and our spirit, the Spirit of Macedonia.

We are proud of the older and newer generations, the more distant and the closer; live, in front of the audience and camera performed projects, dating from long ago, creating a framework of successes, among other things, entering in the history of CAA "Drimkol" from Vevcani, Macedonia`s history. CAA "Drimkol" through itsactivities has realized numerous projects of great importance not only for their municipality, but equally for their country.

We enumerate:

  1. "Vevcani, a Living Museum" - 2000.
  2. This project is part of a broader program called “Zhivo Nasledstvo”(Living Heritage) and was implemented in several European countries.
    The purpose of this project is to strengthen the capacities of the traditional culture, to meet and coordinate the tourism interests of Vevcani. The project was conceived in five segments:
    1. Organizing exhibition of photographs from the Vevcani Carnival by the author Anastas Kjushkoski
    2. Organizing an exhibition of handicrafts by artisans from Vevcani
    3. Recovery and presentation of folk dances and customs: Vevcani Lazarus and St. George by the author Toso Chochoroski and promoter of the same was Prof. Vladimir Janevski
    4. Fixing and decorating the site “Vevcani springs”
    5. Publication of the “Guide to the Sanctuaries of Vevcani” by the author Anastas Kuskoski
    The project was being implemented from 01.20.2002 to 30.09.2003. It was funded by the Foundation Open Society Institute, Macedonia and the "King Baudouin Foundation" of Belgia and financial participation by the local government. As a special contribution to this project, stands out the voluntary work of all participating members of the Association, and the volunteer work of the coordinators of this project Tosho Chochoroski, Ljiljjana Batkoska, Sonja Murdzheska, who donated their fee to equip the Association with costumes, and as a sign of respect to all enthusiasts who worked and are still working in this Association.

  3. "Community Development and Culture"
  4. The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Macedonia. The aim of the project was to strengthen the capacities in rural areas and to implement them into the development of the tourism and culture. Within this Project were realized the following activities:
    • Construction of a summer scene ‘Amphitheater’ in Vevcani
    • Purchase of a complete sound system for the needs of the Association
    • Purchase of original costumes from Prespa region for the needs of the Association

  5. "Harmony between the culture and tourism aimed at promoting Vevcani to the World" - 2016.
  6. The project is realized with the support of the General Secretariat of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia – The Department for Support of NGOs.
    Through the project are achieved the following results:
    1. Preparation and publication of modern web portal www.vevchani-info.mk with all information related to the tourism and cultural offer and potentials of Vevcani,
    2. Preparation and printing postcards with motifs from Vevcani
    3. Preparation and printing of a brochure - "Guide to Vevcani Cultural Heritage"
    4. Preparation and printing a tourist map with important tourist capacities and potentials of Vevcani.

  7. "The Vevcani Intangible Cultural Heritage-a sprout for preservation of the ethnocultural identity" - 2017.
  8. The project is implemented with the support of the General Secretariat of the Government - Department of Support for NGOs.
    With the project are achieved the following results:

    1. Brochure "Rites and Customs in Vevcani" in Macedonian and English, which includes major festivals followed by rites and customs of Vevcani, which, the CAA "Drimkol" authentically preserves on the stage,
    2. Photo exhibition "intangible cultural heritage through the prism of lens", depicting scenes from Vevcani rites and customs, so the visitor has the opportunity to more closely meet the intangible cultural heritage of Vevcani,
    3. Documentary film “Sedumdeset godini- So pesna I oro do visochinite” (70 years - with song and dance to the heights), which refers to the long tradition dance in Vevcani.

  9. "TV Projects"
    1. "Znanje, Imanje” (Knowledge, Wealth).
    2. "Sred selo” ( In the Center of the Village) - editor of the issue Tode Spasovski, redaction of folk music at the Macedonian Radio Television.
    3. "Folkovizija" - Editor of programme: Carolina Petkovska redaction of entertainment at the Macedonian Radio Television.
    4. "Folklorna Dzunica"( Folklore Rainbow) – Programme editor Tatjana Gogovska, redaction of Children program at the Macedonian Radio Television.
    5. Documentary film "Razbojot na Ljubica Leshoska”(The Loom of Ljubica Leshoska) - Author: Anastas Kjushkoski, Spectra Television.
    6. Documentary "Spasica Vishenska" – Autor: Anastas Kjuskoshki, Spectra Television.
    7. Documentary film “Ragjanje, zhivot I smrt” (Birth, Life and Death) - Author: Rubin Zemon, TVM-Ohrid, March 2006.