About us

The art we create leads us to the future, we grow, we are formed and we learn through it and all this is done with love and dedication. Passed generations are only proof of the quality and serious approach of the association – The Cultural Art Association "Drimkol" with which we grow, alongside with our mentality, our future - the children who begin from early age and when grown and established, they nobly, spread the tradition to the next generations that shapes us as individuals to proudly present our country and become an indispensable part of it.

Our love is enormous. For all peoples, the art is irreplaceable and necessary, useful for creating a bright future that started many years ago and will last for many years to come and will always be an indispensable part of the people from Vevcani, and all Macedonians who have ever created art, their spirit still lives today in us, and we so strongly feel that our task is to cherish and never forget it. We will not forget, because we exist with it, and it exists in us. We nurture it, shape it, and we are proud to represent what has come out of it, which is an essential part of us, that which is ours- traditional, Macedonian, from Vevcani!

Theater performances of the teachers in Vevcani, poetry of the legendary Vevcani poets, songs and dances of schools and youth folk groups, sounds of mus bands, performances of the actors of the Traveling Theater, choir performances by the school choir and orchestra, the Vevcani landscape painters are proof that culture and art in Vevcani were an integral part of life and not only that but also an example of how that should be done.

Precisely in such a template and as a continuation of that tradition, whose roots are traced in 1947 in the field of culture, is formed the Association - CAA "Drimkol" Vevcani, which with its long existence has left its mark in the Macedonian history of traditional artistic values.

Today "Drimkol" is a serious cultural institution that nurtures, develops and promotes the popular culture in our country and beyond. Within this association comprised of 150 active members who are deployed in several art units as follows are: the folklore ensemble "Drimkol", the Traveling Theater " Bow Down and Fall", the singing group "Kadanka" and the orchestra of folk instruments.

As a national treasure of the Republic of Macedonia, the Vevcani Association asserts itself and our country as befits: with quality and dignity, and as evidence are the many awards and diplomas from numerous national and international festivals.